Cathedral Bells – Heavy Rain



Foxes in Fiction – Say Yes to Violence

Ahead of releasing new album Trillium Killer later this month, Foxes in Fiction has shared another new song from the effort.As the project’s Toronto-raised Warren Hildebrand explained, “Say Yes to Violence” concerns “confronting temptation to give into self-destruction and what it means to decide to push up against those urges.”For the song’s vocal parts and overall feel, Hildebrand took inspiration from Charli XCX. “I was really enamoured with her both as an artist and from a songwriting / production standpoint when it came to making the songs on Trillium Killer,” Hidebrand explained. “I found myself constantly inspired both by Charli’s relentless work ethic and her constant willingness to fuck with the form, conventions and limits of pop music.” OCT 04, 2019 EXCLAIM!

カナダのトロント出身。いまはブルックリン在住、(Sandy) Alex G、Fog Lake、Soccer Mommyなどをくりだしたインディーレーベル、Orchid Tapes のオーナーである Warren Hildebrand によるソロ・プロジェクト、Foxes in Fiction。5年ぶりのニューアルバム Trillium Killer を10月リリース。自宅スタジオにて 2017年から 2019年にかけて録音されましたた。前作アルバムの延長線上なんだがしかし前作を超えるくらいドリーミーな勢いのある美しい世界を構築。

Ghostly Kisses – Touch

Ghostly Kisses is the dreamy pop music of singer songwriter Margaux Sauve. The name ‘Ghostly Kisses’ was inspired from reading William Faulkner’s poem ‘Une ballade des dames perdues’ and seemed like the perfect reflection of her ethereal voice.

もう1曲。Ghostly Kisses は、シンガーソングライターの MargauxSauve のドリームポップ。空から儚く優しく降ってくる希薄なボーカル。エーテル臭がぷんぷんしてて完璧。

元Porches のベーシストで、 (Sandy) Alex G のコラボレーター、ニューヨーク在住のマルチインストゥルメンタリスト、ソングライター Maya Laner によるソフト脱力音楽プロジェクト True Blue

True Blue – No Water

I try to leave my blue book behind
Is it better not to think twice?

I swear to make nice… cross my heart and hope to die (!!!)
I wrote Lucy a letter of advice:

See no Evil
Hear no Evil
Drink no water
No water

Why choose to instead let a good thing run red?
So I choose to let it rest

See no Evil
Hear no Evil
Drink no water
No water

You know what you did
You know what you said
I keep it dry
I choose to forget !

Salt Cathedral – CAVIAR

Premiered Oct 2, 2019 Poison Arrow is taken from yeule’s debut album, Serotonin II, out on 25 Oct, 2019 on Bayonet Records.

When we were alone I took your heart So beautiful When I fell back When we were alone I took your heart So beautiful When I feel back

HÅN – it’s better when i sleep
Pallas Athene – Through Hell