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6月12日の参議院本会議で、改正著作権法が全会一致で可決・成立しました。改正法は2010年1月1日より施行されます。 それを記念いたしまして。ささやかながら、最近の外国のインディーズ・ニューミュージック関係の作品のなかから合法的に無料ダウンロードできるものを並べてみました。ぜひお試しください。

Portugal. The Man – People Say
friendly and powerful, with a ’70s groove

A Camp – Love Has Left the Room
shimmering, bittersweet pop from Cardigans’ front woman w/ a different band

Alibi Tom – Sometimes I’m Afraid
slightly skewed power pop from Sweden

T. Nile – Cabin Song
Canadian singer/songwriter with a rich voice and a flair for storytelling

Dirty Projectors – Stillness Is The Move
Bjork meets Prince via Capt. Beefheart

Wye Oak – Take It In
soft/loud, pretty/harsh indie rock

I and I – The Bottom
thoughtful, upbeat electronic music

Reed KD – Winding Roads
like S&G w/ B. Folds on lead

Tara Busch – Motorcrash
This little track is a lone soul from the Pilfershire Lane sessions

Zero 7 – Everything Up (Zizou) (Mock & Toof Remix)

we’re happy to share with you all. ARIGATO

Camera Obscura – Honey In The Sun


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Someone still loves your boris yeltsin – house fire [mp3]

Regina Spektor – Loveology [mp3]

Ola Podrida – the new science [mp3]

Lia Ices – half life [mp3]

Kimya Dawson – loose lips [mp3]

Emily Haines & The Soft Skelton – Crowd Surf Off a Cliff [mp3]

the sleepy jackson – good dancers [mp3]

Fleet Foxes – He Doesn’t know Why [mp3]


Sol Seppy – Slo Fuzz

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