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Photon - November

Photon - November

Photon – November

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Photon trio; striking minor chords and gloomy melodies, playing new-wave like it’s 1982 and making an ideal listen for 2016. Switching between the languages of Robert Smith and Françoise Hardy, Photon play pop that is both straight to the point while also full of reverberated lush guitars and vintage synths. The band releases its first album on Sarah Records, oh, sorry, I meant on Beko Disques at the end of November. Turn off the lights, Dive into a Strange Universe and Get Lost in Your Dreams, Photon is here.

Komm her mein Freund, komm mit ich lad dich ein,
nach Utopia, eine Welt, viel zu schön um wahr zu sein.
Hier bist du nicht allein, viele sind den selben Weg gegangen,
strebten nach Veränderung – ein Neuanfang!