メンフィス出身、21歳の 尋常ではない
シンガー・ソングライター、Julien Baker が


Julien Baker – Funeral Pyre

I wake up with the same pain every night,
Digging in ashes and out of sight.
Clearing my chest for something to burn,
Ash from a decorative urn you keep in your mantle piece
Like a trophy for everything.

We learn eventually.

Call me a coward but I’m too scared to leave
‘cause I want you to be the last thing I see
Call me a coward but I’m too scared to leave
Watched you pouring lighter fluid out onto the leaves
And I would have loved you with the dying fire

If I let you smother me now, to the embers
Frost bite turning my limbs as black as cinders, a funeral pyre
But I would have stayed, if you had asked me to
Stood outside until my lips turned blue
I wouldn’t have blamed you
For leaving me there on the porch
While you drink gasoline
Because its what you needed so bad

But its true.

There’s nothing that we could do.