Kim Ki O – Herkes Evine

今年、印象に残ったのが上のビデオ。なんだけど、このビデオ自体は昨年の作品だったりするから恥ずかしい。水着の妊婦さんが浜辺でダンスするこのビデオ。トルコのイスタンブール出身で、現在はオランダのレーベルと契約して作品をリリースしてるけど。やっぱイスタンブール在住の女性ふたりグミのインディーポップデュオ、Kim Ki Oの作品。打ち込みによるチープなビートに力強いベースラインのインディーポップ。ふわふわとしたドリーミーなシンセと、オンナふたりのハーモニーも素敵。全体的にナイーブでシンセなエレクトロポップ。いかがでしょうか。

Kim Ki O

The Turkish girl band Kim Ki O was already present on the Enfant Terrible compilation “Radio Resistencia”. Next to that they released two very limited cd-r’s by themselves and already toured in Scandinavia.‘Dans’ is the official debut of Kim Ki O and features six lo-fi pop songs which at times are extremely catchy but never too easy or slick in anyway. At other times the music is more tranquil and becomes hypnotic dream pop that will soothe you, but hasn’t a single dull moment.Kim Ki O’s music is perfect lo-fi indie pop with that vibrant touch of the modern metropolis Istanbul they come from. Very evident are the New Order inspired melancholy melodies, the Casiotone For The Painfully Alone like cheap and charming electronic rhythms and that special 4AD sort of quality throughout the songs. With this debut mini album the band launches themselves into the world of music. Kim Ki O is for sure a band to keep an eye on!